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Our highly regarded Long Island bankruptcy attorneys are committed to helping with your cases. Law Offices of Scott R. Schneider is a top firm and will ensure that your case is successfully resolved.

I have been representing individuals in bankruptcy for over 21 years. I have helped many people get rid of their credit card debt and medical bills and get a fresh start. I have also stopped foreclosure proceedings and worked out payments for many homeowners to once again make the regular monthly mortgage payments and the arrears can be spread over a five year period. At my firm, I will personally meet with you and represent you in court.

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• Admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey

Proudly Serving: Long Island City NY and surrounding areas

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Stop garnishments
Stop foreclosure
Release bank accounts
Stop annoying phone calls and collection letters
Get rid of your credit card debt

Choosing the Right Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney

Most of us have heard the old saying “A man who represents himself has a fool for a client”. Obviously there are many instances in life where you wouldn’t want to legally represent yourself but when it comes to finding a good Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney, most people don’t have a clue what they need to look for in a qualified Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney.
There are a number of reasons a person might need to hire a competent Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney including family issues, business and real estate transactions, or legal representation to stop a foreclosure, garnishment or to prevent a repossession. The Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney you choose to handle any of these matters must provide skilled, prompt, and diligent representation.

So if you find yourself in need of a Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney, where do you begin? Most Bankruptcy Attorneys specialize within a specific area of the law. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to find a Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney that practices within the area of law in which you need help.

Where to Search for a Qualified Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney

The best place to begin is by putting together a list of potential Bankruptcy Attorneys. You can ask other people you know for recommendations but you should only consider the Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney as a possible contact if they have dealt in similar cases. Also ask other professionals you know. Real estate agents, accountants and government officials deal with Bankruptcy Attorneys on regular bases and they may be able to give you a good recommendation for your specific need.

Check out your local telephone directory and call your city or state's Bar Association. Almost every bar association has a Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney referral service. They can provide you with a few names of qualified Bankruptcy Attorneys whose area of expertise fits your needs. Just be aware that the names you get won’t guarantee you the best Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney since anyone can ask to be on the list. You’ll still need to do some follow up research on each one.

Check out the internet. There are a number of online resources to help you locate a qualified Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney. There are also a number of legal directories that can assist you in finding good local Bankruptcy Attorney to suit your needs. You can narrow your search by city and type of practice. The nice part about using the internet is that you can do some research on a specific Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney before you even contact them and you can often initiate contact with a simple email avoiding random calls and pinpointing the more likely

Setting up a Consultation with the Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney

Once you have your list of potential candidates in hand, it’s time to get down to the business of making contact with each Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney. If you’ve used an online directory or referral service you may have already made some initial contacts by email. This can greatly enhance your comfort level and give you a good idea of which Bankruptcy Attorneys you’d like to set up an appointment with for an in person consultation.

Usually a Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney will offer a free consultation either by phone or by appointment to learn why you need representation and to briefly discuss your case. Consider this first consultation as a time to get to know each Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney you meet with. If an Bankruptcy Attorney is going to represent you, you need to feel comfortable and trust this person. The consultation is also an ideal time to learn about an Bankruptcy Attorney’s experience and successes with cases similar to yours.

Also remember to ask about rates and payment terms. Problems can arise when a Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney and client fail to discuss the various fees at the start. You can avoid turning a good relationship bad by asking the Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney for detailed information in writing, outlining his fees and any other expenses that might be involved. Ask for this before you agree to any representation and you can save yourself from a lot of surprises later on.

Choosing a Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney You can Trust

Get references from any prospective Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney. It may seem a bit audacious to suggest to an Bankruptcy Attorney that you aren’t willing to accept just his word as to his qualifications but a qualified Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney with an upstanding reputation will understand your reasoning and will If a Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney acts upset or angry or tries to brush off your request for references, he probably isn’t someone you want to consider working with.

It’s not difficult to find a Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney. It may take a little work to find a good Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney. Finding a good Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney that is familiar and experienced with your type of case and is someone you trust implicitly may be no easy feat. Remember that Bankruptcy Attorneys are often literally entrusted with the lives of their clients. While your situation may never be as dire, if you find yourself in need of a Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney your selection should be based on someone you believe to be dedicated and trustworthy.

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